KOFFIES DE DRAAK - a Silver Star

It's coffee time! ☕️☕️☕️

Since 1864, true coffee lovers have experienced the branded taste of an excellent cup of Koffies De Draak. Their search for the most delicious of coffees and teas, their craftmanship and nose for great taste still enspire them more than a century later to create products that people irrationally desire and enjoy on a bright Sunday afternoon. 

Not only perfect to serve in case your in-laws unexpectedly show up (oh no!), but also the perfect kickstarter after a stuffed dinner to let the coffee-insurged ADHD-adrenaline set the party on fire.

Fun fact: did you know why they chose a "dragon" as their brand signature? Legend says the golden dragon on the Belfort tower in Ghent originally came from the Norwegian king Sigrid Magnusson, whose dragon-led viking boat set fright among all the little coasts he set foot on during his crusade in 1111. The dragon still symbolizes the power and vigilance with which he conquered major parts of the world. And that's exactly the feeling Koffies De draak incites in you!