THE POSTER - Yes, these are Vlerick students!

The pictures you have seen everywhere, in this event, on our website, on your tickets etc. were not stolen from a '50 shades of Grey' website, nor are they straight out of 'Eyes wide shut', but they very well could have been ;)

Our very own Master students IsabelleKathyKris and Joke put all their creativity together and came up with a fabulous photoshoot in the Eskimofabriek. The photographer, Leonie Vercruysse, made these stylish pictures (her page), Kathy is wearing a georgeous dress and shoes by Carrément and De Client Gent provided us with a stunning hair and make-up session. The poster you see everywhere has been done by the wonderful Joke, Isabelle made sure everything ran smoothly and on top of that, all of them did this FOR FREE!

We want to thank all of you very much for helping us make this a great success (so far ;) ) #bestteam

BTW: YES, our beautiful model Kris is still looking for a date